Patience Colbourne 

Social Media Management/Marketing/Branding

Connected Media Inc. About Us; Patience Colbourne - Social Media Management/Marketing/Branding

Meet Patience Colbourne, a skilled Social Media Manager and Producer known for her vibrant online presence and creative touch. At Connected Media Inc., she manages client pages for companies like SMR Diesel, Express Pizza Plus, and Xtreme Oilfield, keeping them updated with engaging content and fostering strong client relations.

As a producer on the Connected! morning show, Patience brings her lively personality to the forefront, creating captivating graphics, organizing interactive games, and adding her unique flair to each episode. She’s also collaborated on projects like The Morning After With Elisa Brosseau, showcasing her versatility across different media formats.

Always eager to learn and grow, Patience recently took on video editing and even led the creation of the Dynamo Small Engine commercial, proving her knack for turning ideas into compelling visuals. With her dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence, Patience Colbourne continues to make waves in the digital media industry, setting new standards with her innovative approach.

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